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Twas good :D

Loved the last few frames in the extras! Great Work

I really Enjoyed this one!

I haven't seen anything this good on NG for weeks, Finally something original that kept me well n' truly entertained from beginning to end! Great job and keep it up

No Sprites and raggy! must be dreaming

Its good to see that you didnt use sprites, very rare to see a flash based on ragnarok made with so much effort.

At the beginning the characters did put me off this a little but as it continued somehow it just seemed to fit-in. Also, Loved the way you animated the skills.

Looking forward to part 2

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Awesome game!

Loved it. hangs a bit on my pc but ah wells. I did run into a little bug though... on my first play through the level opens up onto the tutorial, one of the birds moved Mario from his starting position before he moves to the signpost, so Mario didn't move after that. Couldn't do nothing except refresh the page i guess.

Second time was fine and loved every second of it :P

10/10 Best on NG

This happens to be my favorite game here on Newgrounds and flash games in general! I can always come back to this, never seems to get old. More so with all the unlockables... Brilliant game indeed


Love this game, seem to be always be able to come back to play and it doesnt seem to get boring. So far my highest score is 404 =) would have liked to have an only high scores thing but ah wells, maybe next time

One day i plan to submit something!! ...Just not today

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